Spirit Bear

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This hand sized piece was made to commission as a medicine carving. The material is a very hard form of green soap stone sourced in new Zealand, a beautifully structured crystalline stone which holds astonishingly inspiring colouration – in carving this figure the shape and movement of the bear came directly out of the stone, in response to its voice, a real challenge as well as pleasure as the line of quartz running through the stone demanded real focus and sensing beneath the surface to follow its integrity.

I find this bear very warm and giving and, after having listened into the stone itself, her own spirit voice became the main guide in her realisation.

One thought on “Spirit Bear

  1. Hey Rob,

    If it was anyone else I’d see the posting of bear as a nice bit of info. But as it’s you I rather think you’ve picked up on things going on with/ for me. So I was doubly happy to see the post – it’s cool to feel that people around me are so tapped in, they don’t even need to say much.

    When I’m near Cornwall I’ll let you know? I’d enjoy saying hello in person ☺️


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