wksUrsula Le Guin once said “the creative adult is the child who has survived”…..and this were never truer than amidst the rigours and challenges of 21st century living….something persists and insists on being an open path of wonder which we need, within ourselves and the world, to explore…..

I have been fortunate as I can’t remember a time when I was not making things….and, if I wanted to sum it all up in a nutshell, I would say that all of this creative ouptouring has been and still is about trying to get a clearer glimpse of those powers that have been protecting, guiding and inspiring this journey…….

….whether following a soft and distant call or when working to commission, which is no different in essense, that inextinguishable sense is there, that somehow a doorway is being opened that hasn’t been opened before…..

What you see in this website is a sample of the outcomes of taking that step, of seeking out and making the immaterial present – the thread stretches beyond our own temporal limits, is a dialogue with times and peoples past, present and future, and, of necessity at times, is also in direct response to the entropic forces that are present in this world, that would challenge our survival, the better to do so – but, responding to the call is innate within us all, unique to each of us I am certain, and, it is never a journey taken alone…..so, thank you for spending some time here


If you have been inspired by what you see here and would like to continue the convo further I can be contacted at robpurday(at)yahoo.comblessings on your own path!

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